Bogdan Voisiat is now working in the field of laser-based surface patterning. He is the co-author of more than 70 scientific publications and 6 patents.
Prof. dr. Zigmas Balevičius focusing his research on plasmonics, nanophotonics, spectroscopic ellipsometry, surface spectroscopy, lasers, optical measurement systems, optical bio- and gas sensing, optics in the life sciences.
Associate Professor at Universidade Nova de Lisboa, Portugal. National coordinator of three H2020 projects. Coordinator of an ERANETMED project.
Tomi J. Lindroos has over 15 years of scientific experience in energy system modelling, support for decision-making in energy sector, renewables energies, and district heating and cooling.
His research interests include high-energy ultra-short pulse amplification, dispersion control and laser-driven particle acceleration. He is currently acting as a deputy head of the Allegra laser development group.
Adjunct Professor at the Department of Meteorology at the Stockholm University since 2012 and Professor in climatology at SMHI since 2018. His research is related to climate, climate variability and climate change and he has a focus on regional climate modelling and support for users of climate information.
She is Executive Coordinator of AURORAL H2020 project and Research in ISG University