Instructions for authors

Abstracts submitted to the Conference will be reviewed by official/anonymous reviewers. Official/anonymous reviewer – a scientist who studies the abstract submitted to the Conference (anonymous) and has a discussion with abstract author during the session (as an official reviewer). The official/anonymous reviewer is selected from the scientists performing research in the same area as the author of the abstract being reviewed.

A research abstract is prepared in good scientific English.
The length of the abstract is 2000 symbols, structure: topicality, research methods, results, main conclusions.
The abstract text you have to submit in the Registration form

Oral Presentation Guidelines

1. Prepare your research presentation in MS PowerPoint or PDF.
2. Presentation should be provided to the session leader at least 5 min before the designated session time.
3. Each presenter will be given 10 minutes for presentation and 5 minutes for questions and answers. A total of 15 minutes will be allocated to each presenter.

Poster Presentation Guidelines

1. Mandatory poster size A1.
2. Posters must be designed in portrait orientation.
3. Recommendation for poster structure: Title, Authors name, abstract (optional) and the Introduction, Objectives, Methodology, Results and Discussion, and Conclusion structure of the research paper. It is highly recommended to emphasize more on the Results and Discussion section showing charts, tables, figures, and others.
4. Each poster presenter should hand out his/her poster in the poster area and present it at the poster presentation time.

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