Gintaras Valušis

Prof. Gintaras Valušis withholds positions of director at the Center for Physical Sciences and Technology (FTMC), Vilnius, Lithuania, head of the Optoelectronics Department at FTMC, and professor in Institute of Photonics and Nanotechnology of Physics Faculty at the Vilnius University. His scientific interests include terahertz physics and spectroscopy, optoelectronics and physics of semiconductor devices.

Title of presentation: Semiconductors chips and their employment for “colour” photos in invisible light.

Semiconductor chips are essential components of all smart electronic devices. Operational principles willl be discussed and main parameters will be considered. The particular focus will be dedicated to chips employment for terahertz (THz) imaging aims, when, under special design and excitation conditions, the operation range can exceed the cut-off frequency. Obtained images and applications will be presented.


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  • Title of presentation:

    Semiconductor chips and their employment for “colour” photos in invisible light