Birutė Frercks

Dr. Birutė Frercks is a Senior Researcher since 2019 in a Department of Orchard Plant Genetics and Biotechnology, Institute of Horticulture, Lithuanian Research Centre for Agriculture and Forestry. She is an interdisciplinary lecturer at Lithuanian University of Health Sciences since 2015, also dr. Frercks is a Prunus working group member at European Cooperative Programme for Plant Genetic Resources. Participant in various international projects: “Sustainable production of high-quality cherries for the European marketˮ, “Regulation of in vitro plant stress induced production of reactive oxygen species by endophytesˮ, “Expression of anthocyanin synthesis pathway genes in orchard plants”, “Characterisation of genetic polymorphism of Prunus avium cultivars and wild sweet cherry populations using molecular markers”, “Efficient methods for the generation of circular molecular descriptors“, “Parallelisation of AutoClass”, “Standardisation of identification methods of Human herpesvirus (HSV-1,2, VZV, HHV-7 and HHV-8) for routine diagnostics”. Has over 20 publications and over 25 years of experience in the research field of bioinformatics and agronomy.

Title of presentation: The prospects of omics in agriculture

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  • Title of presentation: The prospects of omics in agriculture