Akvilė Viršilė

Dr. Akvilė Viršilė is a Chief Researcher at Lithuanian Research Centre for Agriculture and Forestry, Institute of Horticulture, Laboratory of Plant Physiology, and a project manager at Energenas, LLC. She has over 20 years of experience in plant physiology, plant productivity, phytochemistry, plant analysis methods, solid state lighting for plants, and controlled environment horticulture. Dr. Viršilė is a chief researcher since 2016, a research council of Lithuania high level projects such as “Management of target metabolites of industrial hemp for the development of COVID-19 symptom relief products”, “Biodiversification of plant species and explication of corresponding precision agriculture technologies within nutrition-based approach” , “Environmental and genotype impacts on plant exosome characteristics and potential applications for cosmetics and pharmacy”, “Biological plant protection strategies: boosting sustainability-orientated competitiveness in controlled environment horticulture” , “UV-A lighting strategies for controlled environment horticulture: upgrade to sustainable, high-value production”, “Dynamic light spectrum and intensity modeling and photoresponse in different vegetable morphogenesis stages” , „Market Opportunity Validation and Business Plan Development for horticulture research LED solution”, “Control of Nitrate reduction in green vegetables: Metabolic effects of light and other environmental factors“, „Photophysiological effects for the control of plant secondary metabolism“, “The management of microgreens nutritional quality in light culture system“, “Solid-state Lighting Technology for Phytotrons and Greenhouses“, “Solid – state lighting technology for manipulation of plant physiological processes”. In addition she has a handful experience in supervision of bachelors, majors and PhD students. As a contribution to modern inventions she is in a process of patenting.

Title of presentation:
Controlled environment agriculture: where technology meets plant biology

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  • Title of presentation: Controlled environment agriculture: where technology meets plant biology