Olga Sumińska-Ebersoldt

Dr. Olga Sumińska-Ebersoldt completed her physics studies at the University of Szczecin (Poland) and the University of Rostock (Germany). In 2009, she received her PhD in physics of the atmosphere at the University of Wuppertal (Germany). In the same year, she started working as a postdoctoral researcher in the field of atmospheric chemistry and physics at the Karlsruhe Institute of Technology (KIT). In 2019, she shifted her interest from atmospheric research to energy supply and storage science and since then she has been a manager of the EERA JP for Energy Storage and responsible for research community input to the Support Unit of Implementation Working Group Deep Geothermal as work package leader. She was involved in the development of the StoRIES project and belongs to its coordinating team.

Title of presentation: StoRIES – Energy storage Eco-System for Innovation

The recent geopolitical developments show that Europe must become independent in terms of energy supply, which can only be achieved through intensive use of renewable energies. This process will help to speed up the reduction of greenhouse gas emissions and increase local added value if carried out efficiently.
There are studies indicating the potential of renewables in Europe to be sufficient to supply enough energy for European countries (EWG-LUT_Full-Study_Energy-Transition-Europe.pdf (energywatchgroup.org). Renewable energy can also be generated outside and transported to the EU. However, adequate infrastructure (including energy storage) to meet the needs of all sectors, including heat and electricity for industry, households, and transport exclusively with renewables is not yet in place.
To reach the goal of the European Clean Energy transition, the energy storage in Europe has to be widened and modernized to enable flexible and cost-effective usage of the renewables.
The H2020 project StoRIES addresses these issues by creating a Pan-European eco-system for energy storage providing:
• free-of-charge access to 64 most advanced research infrastructures working in energy storage (electrochemical, chemical, mechanical, thermal, superconducting-magnetic, cross-cutting) and linked topics
• schooling and training possibilities on the topics regarding the energy system technologies, their combinations at different levels (hybrid energy storage), their integration in the energy system and the resulting sustainability aspects
• cooperation and knowledge exchange on the barriers and gaps in the energy storage and overall energy system
• new approach focusing on the applications and solutions and braking the technology silos
StoRIES wants to build up a long-lasting eco-system and this is not possible without young scientists being active in gathering and sharing the knowledge, the skills and the understanding of the global energy and climate problems.

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    StoRIES – Energy storage Eco-System for Innovation