Review, ranking and publication

Papers submitted to the Conference will be reviewed by an official/anonymous and young reviewers. Official/anonymus reviewer – a scientist who reviews the paper submitted to the Conference (as anonymous) and has a discussion with paper author during the session (as official reviewer). The official/anonymus reviewer is selected from the scientists performing research in the same area as the author of paper being reviewed. Young reviewer – a person who reviews the paper submitted to the Conference (learning to review scientific paper is one of the Conference goals). The young reviewer is selected randomly from the participats.

During the review process the papers as well as oral presentations will be ranked.

Paper abstracts will be available on the Conference website.

Conference proceedings (electronic version) (ISSN 1822-7554) will include only those papers which were accepted, reviewed and presented during the event.

Templates and Instructions

Templates and instructions for the preparation of abstracts and papers are ready to download.

Templates and instructions for preparation of abstract can be found here.

Templates and instructions for preparation of paper can be found here.

Abstract / papers prepared without considering the instructions are subject to rejection.

Abstract submission requirements

Only original papers will be accepted to the Conference.

For full registration an electronic version of paper abstract (200-300 words in English) should be submitted to the Secretariat of the Conference (through the website only).

Name of the abstract should be “CYSENI-Abstract-Surname.doc”, for example CYSENI-Abstract-Smith.doc.

If the paper has more than one author, the author who will make the presentation during the Conference should be underlined.

The file format has to be “.doc” or “.docx“.

Paper authors are responsible for the information of the organizers about any changes in the paper’s title and abstract during the review proccess by providing the updated title and abstract.

VISA information

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