Mustafa Yusuf Yazici

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  1. Regina

    Thank you for your presentation. I have a few questions:
    – the graphite matrix you have used in your experiments – does it the commercial product or you have prepared it in your lab?
    -How do you think does the nonuniform structure (non homogeneous distribution of pores) of graphite matrix influence the distribution of temperature in your PCM/graphite matrix? (7 slide)

    1. Mustafa Yusuf Yazıcı

      Dear Regina,

      Thanks for your interest. the graphite matrix was produced by using expandable graphite in our lab. Secondly, from the SEM graphics, it is shown that there are micro porous structures. So, this provides abundant thermal paths for heat diffusivity. heat is distributed rapidly from these paths. PCM heat storage material is infiltrated in these micro porous. Uniform structure provides uniform heat storage ofcourse. Hovewer, it is difficult to say something clear on how to micro non-uniform porous structure effect the temperature distribution of li-ion. I think building a uniform micro porous structure is hard.

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