Beatriz Santos

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  1. Regina

    Thank you for your presentation as you have answered in my questions about exploitation of an aggressive chemicals. After your presentation I still have a few questions:
    – How do you select the initial potential for the deposition? (-1.7V or 1.2V or 1.5V)
    – How do you think will the shape of your specimen have an influence on the deposition process and the quality of coating? Do you consider to investigate it in the future?

    1. Beatriz Santos

      Firstly, thank you for your interest in my presentation.
      – Regarding the selection of the initial potential for each electrodeposition, one should have into consideration the reduction peak of the nickel in the electrolytic bath. Thus, for each trial it is necessary to use the cyclic voltammetry technique, in order to see where the reduction peak will occur, and the initial potential should be close to that peak value.
      – According to the literature, the shape or geometry of the sample will have a great influence on the deposition and overall quality of the coating, since it will affect the current distribution. In this case, after the sample being abraded the uniformity of the surface is compromised, thus reducing the homogeneity of the deposition. The shape of the sample and the relative position of the sample to the other electrodes, will greatly influence the current distribution, since the average thickness of the coating is dependent to the area of the sample, the current and the time of the electrodeposition. The smaller the distance between the sample to be coated to the other electrodes, the thicker will be the coating, since it will reduce the resistance to current flow, thus increasing current density.
      Optimization of the process is always present, knowing that the geometry of the sample will influence the overall quality of the coating, it would be interesting to study which would be the most suitable for this process.

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